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Examples of speeches, workshops, annual conferences, panel presentations of Bea Young Associates:

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“Changing Our Lens: Examining the Intersection of Higher Education, Administration and Classroom Educators Devoted to Social Justice.” – National Association of Multicultural Educators (NAME). 11/4/11 Annual Conference


“The Processes Necessary to Create Continuous Improvement: A School District’s Journey” – ESEA-NCLB 2011 Annual Statewide Conference  2/8/11


“Developing an Equity Action Team for Accountability and Sustainability of Diversity” – Walking the Walk of Diversity Conference: Richland Community College.  6/10/11


“A Fearless Journey to Achieve Educational Equity” – 34th Annual Statewide Conference for Teachers of Linguistically & Culturally Diverse Students.  12/7/10


“City Year Basic Training Retreat” – 8/18/11


“Diversity pioneer to speak at La Grange Unity Rally” – 9/8/11


“Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Workshop ICCTA” – 9/10/10