Erika Walker Bio

Erika Walker-ThomasErika has a strategic partnership with Bea Young Associates, LLC and over 18 years of Human Resources and Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competency experience. As an experienced consultant she has expertise in client relationship management, global workforce dynamics from acquisition to retention, community relations, and global diversity issues.

Additionally, she has been a member of several global HR teams, and has a perspective on integrating diversity and talent systems across all functional areas.

Her clients include both US and global organizations. She is a regular columnist on diversity and coaching issues for the leading HR & Management magazine in Latin America, Conocimiento Y Dirección, and she speaks regularly at their human resource forums. Among her key clients has been the New Hanover Regional Medical Center located in Wilmington, NC.

Erika held consulting positions with Hewitt Associates, one of the leading human resource consulting firms in the world. She was a part of the team that led the effort to integrate diversity into Hewitt’s businesses focusing both on their workforce and the marketplace.

The focus of her work was to address attraction, motivation, and retention issues for diverse populations. She has successfully delivered solutions to clients throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.  Erika attended Howard University and Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.